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A Level Higher: Inductive Sensors of the 2nd Generation

It is time for the new VariKont® inductive sensors

The new  VariKont® inductive sensor from Pepperl+Fuchs
The new VariKont® inductive sensor from Pepperl+Fuchs

The original series of VariKont inductive sensors has been used in numerous applications for more than 30 years and is synonymous with exceptional reliability and flexibility. Improvements to this design have produced our latest generation of the VariKont family of inductive sensors, the VariKont Generation 2 series.

Like their predecessors, the new Varikont inductive sensors are defined by extraordinary reliability and robustness under extreme conditions. Advanced technology guarantees an almost unlimited range of applications. The four-corner power and output status LEDs enable 360° visibility so that the operating and switching states can be monitored from every angle.

An IP67 and IP69K protection degree as well as the robust housing make the new Varikont inductive sensors more weather-resistant, more waterproof, and more heat and impact resistant.

Many customers are already enjoying the improvements and advantages of the Varikont Generation 2 series. Since its launch, the series has proven itself in a variety of applications and shown that it is more than capable of replacing the original series.

VariKont® Finder Tool

Use our VariKont® Finder Tool and easily find out the successor of your currently used sensors. In order to keep the process as simple as possible, Varikont Generation 2 sensors will be supplied automatically when original versions are ordered, assuming the technical features are compatible.

Many thanks for using Varikont sensors over the years. You can trust the Varikont Generation 2 series to continue setting the standards in sensing technology. For further information, please visit our homepage at