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3. Assessing Functional Safety

Standards for functional safety require the verification or validation of all activities and results according to the four-eyes principle. This affects the complete safety life cycle of protective equipment. Both the risk analysis (SIL requirement) and the process for implementing the risk-reducing measure must be assessed accordingly.

It must be explicitly emphasized at this point that the complete safety life cycle, including compulsory documentation, must be processed in the FSM system. The FSM system is used to

  • Avoid systematic faults
  • Ensure that all activities and results (documents, hardware, software) which affect risk reduction can be traced and audited

The FSM system is a central component of functional safety and is indispensable in fulfilling a SIL requirement.

Overview of risk reduction

Legend: Safety life cycle (left), risk analysis using HAZOP und risk graph (top right), design requirements on the risk-reducing device (protective device, Z function, lower right)