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WirelessHART – Planning and Deploying Networks


WirelessHART is based on mesh network technology

There are a few items to consider when planning a WirelessHART network. The "Technical White Paper – Planning and Deploying Networks" details the important steps to set up a WirelessHART network.

Download the white paper today, and be ready to plan and install your first WirelessHART network!

Setting up a WirelessHART network

First steps to set up a WirelessHART network are outlined in the technical white paper. The project scope, or the area where the network will operate, should be organized in a similar fashion to how the process units are built up. This ensures that the same areas of responsibility and work practices are incorporated into the network.

The next goal is to enable network coexistence. It is essential to avoid collision of data packages if there is any other wireless network nearby, around, or within in the process units. Generally, it is necessary to decouple at least one of the factors - frequency, location, or time. This ensures a coexistence of wireless networks without any data package collisions.

With a site survey the plant can be divided into obstruction groups. This survey is the foundation for placing devices and therefore the first of two parts of actual network planning. The second part is to place the devices in the field: Place gateways according to the survey result, and field devices in accordance to the needs for measurement. Afterwards, the connectivity will be checked, and if some mesh network paths are still missing, those can be extended by placing repeaters.

It is very easy to extend a WirelessHART network, because the mesh network has a self-organizing functionality.

After placing the devices and checking the connectivity of the WirelessHART network, you need to commission it. Helpful information regarding network commissioning is included in this technical white paper.

Host integration is also explained. This is quite similar to a remote I/O system. Gateways are connected via fieldbus which communicates wirelessly with connected field devices.

You will also find important details for standard documentation of a WirelessHART network.

The Technical White Paper – Planning and Deploying Networks will help you to set up your own WirlessHART network. Download your copy now!