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Did You Find Out? Get the Answer to the Riddle of E-News Issue No. 2, March 2015

How much do the watermelons weigh?

Riddle: Watermelons
How much do the watermelons weigh?

A truck has been loaded with 1,000 kg watermelons containing a 99 % water content. When the truck reaches its destination point, the water content of the watermelons amounts to only 98 %. How much does the load weigh at the destination?


The weight of the watermelons is reduced by half. Here is the solution:

1,000 kg: 99 % = 990 kg, which refers to the total water volume of the truck load. Thus, the mass is only 10 kg and stays the same during the trip.

At the destination, the mass of 10 kg amounts to 2 % of the total weight. This means that 5 kg equals 1 % and 100 % equals 500 kg.