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The Separation Wall Makes the Difference

Remote I/O accessory isolates intrinsic safety from non-intrinsic safety

LB9182A separation wall for LB Remote I/O
Perform maintenance tasks easily and quickly with the seperation wall

The new Remote I/O separation wall LB9182A is the ideal product to maintain 50 mm clearance between intrinsically safe (IS) circuits and other LB Remote I/O System circuits. The LB Remote I/O System is the only system on the market that allows mounting IS circuits and non-IS circuits side by side on one backplane.

Use every slot of the backplane independently from the circuit type. The new separation wall can be mounted on every backplane between the IS and non-IS modules. This gives the system flexibility and the most efficient use of a Remote I/O system. The mixed I/O is very convenient for maintenance purposes, because direct measurements on terminal blocks are possible and diagnostic LEDs of the modules are visible.  

Users benefit from easy access to the module and any maintenance tasks are performed quickly and easily.    

Choose between three types of terminal blocks with the LB Remote I/O system: screw terminals, front screw terminals, and spring terminals - they all can be used with the new separation wall.    

The LB Remote I/O System is the most flexible Remote I/O system for Zone 2, Div. 2 available on the market.