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Signal Conditioner: If You Need a High Signal Quality


Signal conditioning converts field signals to standard signals

Signal conditioners guarantee a high signal quality
Signal conditioners guarantee a high signal quality

Signal conditioners galvanically isolate field signals to protect your control system from interferences and ground loops. But, today's market demands go further: The conversion of signals from field instruments into standard signals (1…5 V, 4…20 mA, etc.) is as much a standard as are the different signal preprocessing features that are available with Pepperl+Fuchs' signal conditioners.

The signal conditioners are used for safe area applications and come with all advantages of the proven K-System— such as the wiring-saving power rail— a standard mounting rail with inserts.

Rely on signal conditioning when you need to:

  • Transfer signals accurately
  • Convert signals into standard instrument signals
  • Preprocess signals

Isolating signals is just the beginning …

As a result of many years of research and development with our customers, a wide range of signal conditioner versions are available on the market. They are all based on the principle of galvanic isolation, but can be extended by additional functionalities depending on the application. This diversity has proven its worth in practice - rely on these K-System modules, too.

The following features come with all signal conditioners due to their galvanic isolation:

  • Protection of the measuring and control signals against deviations
  • Filtering of frequency interferences on the field side
  • Avoidance of current compensations, which may happen when potentials are modified, e.g., when entry cards in the control system have been exchanged


Additional Options
Frequently, you have to multiply signals. Pepperl+Fuchs also offers signal conditioners with a signal splitter function to double input signals. The signals can be used independently by more than one system at the same time. This allows you to connect more than one control system in series without risking a complete failure of all systems. Additionally, sending two independent output signals means connecting two loads in series. This also eliminates the risk of a high electrical load.

Furthermore, signal conditioners from Pepperl+Fuchs are available with more functions:

  • Signal linearization
  • Signal adaptation, i.e., conversion of a signal amplitude part to a standard signal
  • Trip value or slip monitoring


With our signal condtioners, you optimize your process control and increase plant availability. Simply contact us!