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Hydrostatic sensors LHC-M / PPC-M series

New hydrostatic pressure sensors: LHC-M51 and PPC-M51
The new hydrostatic pressure sensors: LHC-M51 and PPC-M51

The new  pressure transmitter LHC-M / PPC-M series is suitable for pressure measurement applications in a variety of industries. Whether you intend to measure gauge or absolute pressure in liquids, steam, or gases - LHC- M / PPC-M will meet all of these challenges. The modular design permits maximum flexibility and offers a range of features.

The stainless steel housing of LHC-M / PPC-M distinguishes itself with its hygienic design. For aggressive ambient conditions, a robust aluminum housing is available.The compact and light pressure transmitter provides ingress protection to IP 69 K. It can be supplied with all common and especially small, flush mounted process connections for food and pharmaceutical applications. The function monitoring system and the ceramic sensor make LHC-M / PPC-M a pressure transmitter for any industry.