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Intelligent Handheld Reader for Maximum Ease of Use

Intelligent handheld reader for maximum ease of use
The handhelds combine outstanding read performance with ease of use.

The ease of use and outstanding read performance of these handheld readers are particularly impressive features. The handheld's patented dual lens divides the read range into close range and long range. With the help of the 1.2 million-pixel resolution, the lens ensures that codes of varying sizes can be read reliably from a long distance. Even codes on reflective surfaces or on smart phones are dependably recognized.

In addition to an optical LED aimer, the user is provided with reading feedback via vibrations, the LED display, and audible signals. Due to the robust housing, these handheld readers are suitable for heavy-duty industrial use and are easily connected to field buses via a connector box. The use of JavaScript allows complex tasks to be completed without a PC.

Your benefits

  • Outstanding read performance – reliable reading of different-sized codes on different surfaces
  • Individual adaptation to each application – with JavaScript
  • Versatile – due to the robust housing and high degree of protection

OHV100 – Wired handheld with unique read performance

The OHV100 offers unparalleled read quality in a compact housing. In addition to its high-performance features, the handheld impresses with its ability to read up to 26 different code symbologies.

Highlights at a glance

  • Reliable reading of a range of code symbologies
  • Outstanding read performance in a compact housing

OHV200 – Robust and wireless with an integrated bluetooth emitter

The OHV200 offers you significant benefits: The wireless handheld has integrated wireless Bluetooth as well as replaceable long-life batteries. With the ability to store large amounts of data directly on the handheld, the OHV200 is perfect for applications in which the data receiver is some distance away. The data is automatically transferred to your PC in one step via Bluetooth or as soon as the handheld is placed in the charger. The OHV200 is ideally suited to heavy-duty industrial use. Due to its high degree of protection (IP65), it withstands even the most difficult environmental conditions.

Highlights at a glance

  • Ability to save read results directly to the handheld
  • Charger with integrated Bluetooth modem
  • Automatic data transfer via USB or Bluetooth
  • Available without handle for maximum comfort
  • Long battery life for continuous workflows