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RFID – New F190 UHF Read/Write Head Combines Flexibility and Easy Handling

The F190 UHF read/write head comes with several unique features like multi-tag reading and a selectable read range
The F190 UHF read/write head comes with several unique features like multi-tag reading and a selectable read range

The new F190 UHF read/write head from Pepperl+Fuchs opens up a host of new application opportunities. It is able to read tags simultaneously in a bundled format, which reduces communication overhead and increases efficiency.

Additionally, the F190 read range can be precisely adjusted so that it doesn't interfere with other operations in the manufacturing process. Thus, reliability and uptime are significantly improved.

Such impressive features make the F190 the next step towards a maximum level of operator efficiency and flexibility.

Extended read range and multi-tag reading

UHF succeeds where the read range of LF and HF systems is insufficient. The UHF technology uses “detached” waves and enables far field communication. Our UHF F190 read/write head is a specialized alternative to the already existing F117 UHF antenna: while the F117 comes with a range of up to 6 m, the F190 is designed with a specific focus to offer you a solution for applications with limited installation space.

Production technology and intralogistics are branches that especially benefit from the features of the UHF F190 read/write head. The typical read range of 0.2 m to 1.5 m can bridge most distances to tags and cover additional tolerances. Since the detection range is adjustable, selective reading of the required tag is permitted.

The F190 contains another remarkable advantage to LF and HF systems: it allows the transmission of data in bundles. This means that the information from up to 40 UHF tags can be transmitted to the read head in just a single step.

Compact but resilient

The F190 is a compact device that saves space during installation. Its robust design allows it to face the most adverse environmental conditions. The antenna is bonded into the upper section while the metal lower section contains encapsulated electronics. An industrial connection via M12 plug and the high IP67 protection emphasize that the F190 is built to last.

Compatible and easy to integrate

The F190 is compatible with all IDENTControl interfaces from Pepperl+Fuchs, and supports all commonly used fieldbuses. Existing LF or HF read heads can easily be replaced with an F190 or both can be used together in mixed operation. Customers may use the free RFIDControl software which enables devices to be parameterized, diagnostic data to be retrieved, and test mode to be started, if no controller is available. The multicolored and redundant LED displays make commissioning even easier by providing information on the current device status.

Highlights at a glance

  • Reads up to 40 tags at the same time
  • Compact and robust housing can be used in adverse environmental conditions
  • Software selectable read range enhances process safety
  • Easy integration into existing IDENTControl systems