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Miniature Photoelectric Sensors Enable Precise Sensing Solutions in Restricted Spaces

When space is tight …

Miniature photoelectric sensor

Photoelectric sensors from the ML4.2 and ML6 Series offer a universal standard design with the benefits of a miniature housing. With their high switching accuracy and range of versions, they are ideal for monitoring highly precise positioning processes and sampling rapid events in a machine.

These miniature photoelectric sensors fulfill all the important criteria for user-friendly, time-saving, and universal application in factory automation. The clearly visible small red transmitter spot is sharply delimited and offers the best prerequisites for the detection of small parts or precise edge detection.

Robust solid metal bushings for secure mounting, a rear fastening option, and the familiar clear and functional display concept from Pepperl+Fuchs combine to produce a sensor concept perfectly tailored to your needs …


ML6 Series - miniature photoelectric sensors

This user-friendly photoelectric sensor series with a food-grade plastic lens and flexible mounting options enables precise sensor solutions in restricted spaces.

ML6 Series - miniature photoelectric sensors

 ML4.2 Series - miniature photoelectric sensors

This robust and flexible photoelectric sensor series has a scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant glass lens. It is especially suitable for areas with high levels of dirt and dust such as the printing and paper industry or the packaging industry.


 ML4.2 Series - miniature photoelectric sensors

Latest sensor highlights for your application

The existing family of precision sensors has been extended to provide reliable and cost-effective solutions for your applications. The new retro-reflective sensors and diffuse mode sensors with background suppression are suitable for faultless edge detection depending on the distance from the target. They also detect transparent, reflective, and dark materials with high precision. The dual sensors with background suppression are ideal for challenging applications such as edge detection, or detection of transparent or glossy objects wrapped in film or plastic.

Functional principles

  • Extremely fast thru-beam sensors with high switching frequency and large detection range up to 10 m 
  • Retro-reflective sensors with coaxial optics without blind spot and detection range up to 6 m
  • Retro-reflective sensors for reliable detection of reflective objects and clear glass, switchable to standard photoelectric sensors with large detection range up to 6 m
  • Diffuse mode sensors with sharp background suppression, very slight black-white difference, and fixed detection ranges of 20 mm, 40 mm, 60 mm, and 80 mm, as well as adjustable versions up to 150 mm
  • Dual sensor with two light spots and two independent outputs
  • Dual sensor with two light spots with logical OR relationship
  • Special versions for market-specific applications

Your benefits

  • Powerful and universal miniature sensors for every complex task
  • Suitable for high-precision positioning tasks through maximum switching accuracy and fastest response time
  • Sophisticated mounting options for easy mounting without bracket
  • Reliable object detection and fixed detection range ensure high machine availability
  • Not susceptible to dirt and dust for greater functional safety
  • Reliable target positioning without color differences with version -8-H
  • Exceptional immunity with thru-beam version
  • High immunity through protection against mutual interference and extraneous light