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The Most Compact Ethernet Backplane for LB Remote I/O

Ethernet backplane for LB Remote IO
Connect up to 32 channels to your control system with the new backplane for LB Remote IO

Installation space is a rare commodity in production plants. Thus, every plant designer aims to avoid wasted space by any means necessary. Compact elements that can be combined according to the requirements of the application are crucial when it comes to saving installation space. Pepperl+Fuchs introduces the most compact Ethernet backplane LB9023E for LB Remote I/O to meet these requirements.

Connect up to 32 channels

The backplane, with 8 slots for I/O modules, allows compact and small LB Remote I/O solutions using Ethernet connection to the control system. Up to 32 channels can be connected via the backplane. The bus coupler by Pepperl+Fuchs is not fully utilized by only 32 channels. The backplane can be expanded by an extension backplane: the LB9025A provides another eight slots with connections for 32 channels.

Different ways to save space

The portfolio of simple and scalable backplanes for Ethernet connectivity of LB Remote I/O Zone 2, Div. 2 offers you a wide range of options. Choose from the following products and don’t waste any more space:

  • 8 slots (LB9023E)
  • 16 slots composed of 8 slots of LB9023E and 8 slots of the extension backplane (LB9025A)
  • 22 slots (LB9022E)