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Faster Switching - Switch Amplifiers with Transistor Output

Expanded KC Series switch amplifiers 100x faster!

Switch amplifier with transistor output
Switch amplifiers with transistor output are more than a hundred times faster than comparable modules with relay output

The series of 12.5 mm small interface modules will be expanded. New switch amplifiers with output transistor allows switching frequency up to 5 kHz. These modules are over a hundred times faster than comparable modules based on relays.

Transient effects from bouncing of mechanical contacts is avoided. With the help of overload protection, the current is monitored and limited by the respective transistor. The switch amplifiers are approved for Zone 2 (ATEX and IECEx) and can be used in SIL2 applications.

The design of the new interface modules meets the specifications of the KC-series by Pepperl+Fuchs: the module width of only 12.5 mm ensures minimum power loss and maximum packing density at the highest available signal loop integrity and line fault transparency. The switch amplifiers are equipped with either screw clips or spring clips. The release of the new series is scheduled for June 2013.