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Slim 12.5 mm Interface Modules Suitable for All Signals

12.5 mm slim interface modules
Temperature converter modules and transmitter power supply with signal splitter function complete the portfolios of our slim interface modules.

With the comprehensive portfolios of 12.5 mm slim interface modules, all kinds of signals can be transmitted with reduced overall width. Benefit from minimum dissipation and the highest single-loop-integrity on the market!

The following slim interface modules complete the portfolios of the slim KC modules and the HIC-modules of the H-system.

The new 12.5 mm slim interface modules


Temperature converter modules - available in November 2013

Temperature converter modules Temperature converter modules can be used for intrinsic safe applications as well as for safe area. They convert input signals of common resistance thermometers or thermocouples on the field side into 0/4 mA ... 20 mA signals on DCS side. The devices linearize the input signal and make it available on the output side with selectable current output characteristics. The operation mode source / sink can also be chosen.

Transmitter power supply with signal splitter function - available in January 2014

Transmitter power supply with signal splitter function Transmitter power supply with signal splitter function are obtainable as signal conditioner for the safe area. The device provides 2-wire and 3-wire SMART transmitters, and can also be used with 2-wire SMART current sources. The analog input signal is transmitted as an isolated current value. Thus, DCS and ESD can be controlled parallel by one field device. The expensive use of two field devices is not necessary any longer. The splitter modules are HART-transparent and a special version also provides the specific Honeywell-DE-protocol.

Continued success with the related proven systems

The K-System
The K-System modules are easily mounted on the Power Rail, which is a standard 35 mm DIN rail with an insert. The Power Rail supplies the modules with power and provides a path for the collective error message from individual isolators, which reduces wiring.


The H-System
The H-System connects several intrinsic barriers to a DCS-specific Termination Board. Pre-assembled cables with multiple contact plugs minimize the complexity in planning and documentation. The elimination of manual individual wiring reduces the risk of wiring errors and commissioning times.