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The Inductive Dual Sensor F31K2 - For Valve Position Sensing on Pneumatic Valve Actuators

Uncompromising outdoor use

The inductive dual sensor F31K2 - For valve position sensing on pneumatic valve actuators
Inductive dual sensor F31K2

For many years, electronic components such as inductive sensors have been firmly established as devices for detecting valve positions on valve actuators. The inductive dual sensor F31K2 is especially designed for use in harsh environments and impresses wherever exceptional durability is required. From the chemical industry to water treatment plants and power stations – the F31K2 is the ideal outdoor solution for all industrial and process plants.

Highlights of the inductive dual sensor F31K2

  • Easy mounting
    The inductive dual sensor is very flexible and can be mounted directly on all standard pneumatic actuators without any mechanical fittings.

  • Flexible housing for extreme conditions
    The unique housing construction—with choice of plastic or metal—and the high IP69K and IP67 protection rating ensure excellent temperature resistance, impermeability, and UV and corrosion resistance.

  • High visibility through clear display concept
    The clearly visible “open/closed” valve position display in red and green is perfect for outdoor use. Valve position information can be quickly collected.

F31K2 – Valve position sensing on pneumatic valve actuators