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Magnetic Rotary Encoder Technology - A New Level of Flexibility and Performance

Magnetic rotary encoder technology opens up new horizons
Magnetic rotary encoder technology opens up new horizons

The latest advances in magnetic rotary encoder technology opens up new horizons in general machine engineering and plant automation. Excellent precision and robustness combined with an exceptionally compact design permits the new generation of magnetic rotary encoders to deliver added process reliability and efficiency in almost any industrial environment. Achieve a new level of flexibility and performance with customized adaptations!

The decisive benefit of magnetic rotary encoders

The decisive benefit of magnetic rotary encoder technology is that it uses a noncontact detection principle. Wear cannot occur, so no maintenance or service is needed. The magnetic rotary encoders are completely unaffected by environmental influences and always deliver reliable measured values.

Sophisticated technology in a compact housing

Maximum of flexibility and performance

Magnetic rotary encoders
Magnetic rotary encoders

Positioning tasks in general machine engineering call for a high degree of accuracy, along with high resolution and dynamics.

The new generation of magnetic rotary encoders offers users a maximum of flexibility and performance and impresses with the following features:

  • High precision from 1° to 0.1° 
  • Resolution of up to 16 bit
  • Cycle time of < 100 μs

Even in harsh industrial environments, the precise and powerful magnetic rotary encoders increase production reliability. Magnetic absolute rotary encoders open up new possibilities for use in applications where compact dimensions are a critical factor.