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Fieldbus, Availability – And the Difference between Theory and Practice

Technical White Paper Fieldbus Availability
Technical White Paper "Fieldbus and Availability"

Fieldbus in process automation gets more and more attention – not the least because of the possibility to transmit safety-related control data via digital bus systems. Here and in critical production processes, high availability of the fieldbus infrastructure is of particular importance.

Availability as a common misjudgment

Availability calculations are based on data and assumptions of probability. This harbors the risk that incorrect assumptions result in less than perfect technology decisions.

Make the right decision with sound knowledge

To ensure that the calculated availability reflects actual conditions, the facts must be interpreted correctly. This Technical White Paper provides information on a variety of issues and provides useful assumptions regarding the availability of fieldbus components. It explains the mathematical background and the pitfalls of these calculations. Significant fault scenarios and their corrections using proven technology are also presented. In this connection, redundancy and diagnostics play important roles.

This White Paper provides you with a tool based on a cause and effect (FMEA) analysis, which is very appropriate for this evaluation. A table utilizes a heuristic method that relates causes of failures to installation technologies and corrective procedures. 

The Technical White Paper "Fieldbus and Availability" - is your tool for an objective and informed assessment. Make the right decision with the best ratio of efficiency and protection.


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