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SC-System Signal Conditioners – New Functions, More Comfort

SC-System Signal Conditioners
SC-System signal conditioners are very compact

The 6 mm wide SC-System signal conditioner family from Pepperl+Fuchs is equipped with a new bus system for reliable power supply and collective error messages. Additionally, the SC-System is supplemented by a universal splitter and a millivolt signal converter. With these two new modules, the extremely compact signal conditioners are now available for all analog measuring signals – from the isolating amplifier to the passive isolator to the highly functional temperature converter.


Minimum wiring effort and fully redundant: power supply via Power Bus

The Power Bus is an insert for DIN mounting rails. It provides power to interface modules via power feed modules as well as collective error messages. As an alternative to the power supply via terminals, the central energy supply is ensured even in larger applicationswithout any single-wire harnessing. The Power Bus fits with any standard rail and is ideally suited for retrofitting.

Universal splitter for standard signals

The new universal splitter is used for the galvanic isolation, conversion, and distribution of standard signals in the 0/4 mA ... 20 mA, 0/1 V ... 5 V, and 0/2 V ... 10 V range. The measurement input provides a supply voltage for the operation of 2-wire signal converters. Among the new features of this device are the universal analog outputs that can output current or voltage signals. Compared to conventional current signal splitters, operating personnel can use a significantly larger number of field devices and controllers, since several types of signals can be processed.

Millivolt signal converter for applications with low sensor voltages

The newly developed millivolt signal converter is equipped with an input for bipolar and unipolar millivolt sources. At the output, the signals are available as bipolar current and voltage sources. The interface module is ideally suited for applications where sensor voltages are low and rapidly changing, for instance, when measuring currents or using shunt resistors.   

Highlights of SC-System signal conditioners

  • Optimized housing design for easy handling
  • Quick and easy mounting as well as reduced wiring effort due to Power Bus
  • Minimal space requirements due to 6 mm module wide and 97 mm height
  • Extended temperature range from -25° C to 70° C
  • Maximum protection of the personnel and equipment by high-quality galvanic isolation with 300 V operating- / 3 kV test voltage