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Fiber Optic Splice Boxes for Hazardous Areas

Fiber Optic Splice Boxes for hazardous areas
For safe protection of fiber splices in hazardous areas, Pepperl+Fuchs introduces the FXLS2.FO* Fiber Optic Splice Boxes

Light beams are not usually perceived as dangerous. However, an adequately potent light source does carry a certain level of risk. This does not necessarily have to be a lightsaber from “Star Wars” – just think of a common pocket-size laser pointer. This small device may cause permanent eye damage if it is improperly used.

Fiber networks – from office communication to process automation

Today, the majority of communications is transferred via optical fiber networks, powered by lasers. In automated process plants, fiber optic cables connect all sorts of computers, be it Ethernet office communication or transfer of fieldbus signals between distributed control systems and remote I/O field units.

Unfortunately, light beams could accidentally escape their cable in the event of cable damage, an open plug connector, or a faulty fiber splice. In the worst case, a tiny beam could focus on a very small surface and increase its heat above the ignition temperature of the surrounding hazardous atmosphere.

Consequently, Part 28 of IEC/EN 60079 defines three options to protect optical fiber networks. Ex op sh ‘Optical system with interlock’ prevents ignition by quickly interrupting the optical transmission in case of failure. Ex op is ‘Inherently safe optical radiation’, and limits the energy of the light beam, similar to Ex i with copper cables. ‘Protected optical radiation’ Ex op pr contains the light beam by mechanical means so it can cause no harm. This is comparable to Ex e with copper cables.

Certified Ex op pr fiber optic splice boxes with sturdy stainless steel enclosures

For safe protection of fiber splices in hazardous areas, Pepperl+Fuchs introduces FXLS2.FO* Fiber Optic Splice Boxes. They consist of up to 8 splice trays for 12 fusion-type fiber splices each, installed in a sturdy stainless steel enclosure of the FXLS series.

They are certified Ex op pr ‘Protected Optical Radiation’ according to IEC/EN 60079-28 and can be configured with various types of cable glands. The electropolished surface of the enclosure as well as the return flange sealing method facilitate use in areas with specific hygienic requirements.

At a glance

  • Safe protection of fiber optic cable splices in hazardous areas
  • Installation in Zone 1 and Zone 2
  • Ex op pr certified
  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • Up to 8 splice trays, 12 fusion-type splices per tray
  • Wide range of cable glands and stopping plugs
  • Return flange sealing