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HIMA-Specific Termination Boards for All Signal Types


H-System redesigned and expanded

H-System: HIMA-Specific Termination Board
H-System: HIMA-Specific Termination Board

The HIMA-specific termination board portfolio of the H-System family has been completely redesigned and expanded. The new termination boards were developed especially for the HIMax safety system according to HIMA‘s specifications. In addition to their comprehensive functionality, the termination boards provide the look-and-feel of HIMA boards for non-hazardous areas. The new portfolio covers all signal types and offers the user consistent solutions for diverse plant requirements.

H-System: Efficiency in wiring, commissioning and maintenance

Preconfigured system cables and termination boards of the H-System enable system wiring between field level and automation level according to safety standards. This facilitates commissioning and reduces time-consuming manual wiring effort. Isolated barriers can be mounted onto the termination boards without any tools, and can even be replaced during operation. Coding pins avoid misplacement and ensure that safety-relevant parameters are observed. The module power supply is redundant and is secured via the termination board.

The termination boards are mounted onto a 35 mm DIN-rail which is installed horizontally or vertically in the control cabinet. Signals from the hazardous area are directly transferred to the termination board, the module itself has no terminals. When replacing a device, additional wiring effort and loop checking are not necessary. This saves time and costs for planning, wiring and documentation, and maximizes plant availability.

Manufacturer-specific termination boards are tested in original control systems. Relevant test reports are available.

More flexibility with new termination boards

The new variants cover all signal types. For the most used signals of safe areas – analog input as well as digital inputs and outputs – one and two-channel versions are available. A one-channel termination board for analog outputs completes the portfolio.

Splitter boards ensure that input signals are both transmitted to the control side of the HIMA system and available to spring terminals. Once the user has chosen a safety-related control system from HIMA, he or she is able to use a second, conventional control system without being tied to a specific manufacturer.

Additionally, analog termination boards are equipped with a HART connector which is easily accessible, even when the termination boards are already installed and wired. Retrofitting of Master Class II is also possible. This is due to the fact that the corresponding analog modules are HART-transparent, and HART signals can be smoothly processed by the security system. 

New design is consistent

The redesign of the series is based on HIMA‘s standard for non-hazardous area products and ensures a consistent look-and-feel. Status LEDs that HIMA users are familiar with facilitate the handling of termination boards and reduce troubleshooting.


  • Installation and replacement of modules without any tools and wiring effort
  • Replacement of modules with appropriate configuration during operation is possible
  • Coverage of all types of signals
  • Split function of signals enables manufacturer-independent universal interface
  • Uniform design simplifies configuration and ensures a concise and professional wiring image in the control cabinet
  • System solution for safe analog outputs possible - supports the HIMA Critical Control philosophy