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VisuNet GXP for Zone 1/21

New, full HD, multi-touch monitor

VisuNet GXP sets new standards in Zone 1/21 for the life sciences.
VisuNet GXP sets new standards in Zone 1/21 for the life sciences.

Compact, lightweight, modular, and a 21.5-inch Full HD multitouch display: the combination of these features makes the VisuNet GXP Remote Monitor industry transforming. The highly functional, cost-effective, thin client solution sets new standards in Zone 1/21 within the life sciences.

When installing the new VisuNet GXP, it won't take long to realize its decisive advantages. It is obvious at first touch – this thin client-based monitor solution for Zone 1/21 was designed to make life easy for the installer. Traditionally, Zone 1/21 solutions are bulky and heavy: with the GXP, it is quite the opposite. At just less than 25 kilograms, it's a true lightweight. This means that it is possible for just one person to easily install the compact device. The modularity is another big plus: the display, computer, and power supply are all easy to disassemble onsite, making field maintenance easy and reducing the costs associated with downtime significantly.

The thin client unit, developed by Pepperl+Fuchs, is the core of the VisuNet GXP Remote Monitor. In 2007, Pepperl+Fuchs introduced the first thin client solution for hazardous areas: the VisuNet Remote Monitors. Since then, the company has been constantly developing the technology, and is now setting new standards for life sciences applications with the VisuNet GXP.

Large capacitive multi-touch display

Despite its lightweight design, the developers didn't sacrifice on the display size of the VisuNet GXP. With a 21.5-inch screen and Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), the display is equivalent to the common widescreen format and guarantees optimal display of the process images. The capacitive multi-touch sensor is located behind the hardened protection glass, which is not only extremely durable and scratch-resistant, but also optimized for use while wearing gloves. The sensor allows the use of modern, touch-optimized user interfaces similar to smartphones and tablets, while the multi-touch capability makes it possible to introduce safety aspects to critical processes. For instance, it is possible to specify that an application can be started only by touching two contact points simultaneously, making inadvertent activation almost impossible.

The stainless steel design, together with the smooth surface of the monitor and surface components such as the surrounding enclosure and the keyboard, prevents the accumulation of liquids, dirt, or bacteria. The continuous glass front display supports optimal cleaning – this is why the VisuNet GXP meets the high demands of the life-sciences industry and meeting GMP guidelines. This thin client solution is designed for pharmaceutical and fine chemical applications.

RM Shell 4.0 allows easy connection to both conventional, PC-based and modern, virtualized workstations.

Easy integration with latest firmware

Each VisuNet GXP Remote Monitor is equipped with RM Shell 4, the latest generation of firmware for our thin client solutions. The user interface enables easy integration of the VisuNet GXP Remote Monitor into a process control system. It takes just a few minutes to establish the connection via Ethernet. The user can easily access a variety of different process control computers from a single Remote Monitor. The monitor can be set up for automatic connection to the process control system after system startup. In the event of a host failure, the VisuNet GXP with RM Shell 4.0 firmware is even able to establish a predefined backup connection independently. This ensures the display of process images without errors at all times.




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